Music Info

Can I credit you on databases?

Please add me on IMDB for films / Moby Games on video games and any other such database.

Can I use your music in my project?
Yes, no need to ask for a permission from me.

I got a copyright claim on your song

That sucks! Please understand that I can’t do anything about it. Somebody who has falsely claimed my music is possibly making this claim. If its a copyrighted track (not CC0), you can try to make a counter claim.

I used your music in project but apparently its attribution license. Do I need to give you Attribution

I appreciate it but its not 100% necessary always!

I wanna say thanks, can I support?
If you really like, you can donate. You can hire me on your project (very reasonable rates). You can PM or you email: contact [at]

You can also support by listening to my band’s music below: